Getting Started - FeedHenry Hello World

This guide demonstrates step-by-step how to create and run your first FeedHenry Hello World project.

Step 1: Create A New FeedHenry Project

When you log into your FeedHenry domain, you should end up at a landing page like the one pictured below.

Click on the “Projects“ panel to go to the projects page.

You should see all of your existing projects (if you have any). Click on the “New Project“ button to create a new project.

You should see the “Hello World Project“ template toward the top of the list. If you don’t, use the search box to find it.

Click the “Choose“ button to the right to select the template.

Fill in the project name and click the “Create“ button.

Your project should begin the creation process. This can take a few minutes and you will be presented with a progress bar and status text box.

When your project has been successfully created, you will see the following successful status messages.

Your project is now created and ready to use.

Step 2: Explore Your Project

Now that you have a project, let’s explore the structure a bit. You should see a project landing page similar to the one below.

Click on the “Cloud App“ panel to explore the backend Hello World cloud app.

You should see the “Details“ page for the cloud app. From here you can stop/start the cloud app as well as see other various bits of information such as the host it’s currently running on and which environment it’s running in.

On the left column, click on the “Editor“ button.

You should now see the directory structure of the source code for the cloud app. Open up the “/lib/hello.js“ file to view the source that actually does the work for this Hello World project. While you’re at it, click around on some of the other files and take a look at their contents to get an idea of how everything is glued together.

Now go back to the project’s landing page and click on the “Cordova Light App“ panel to explore the mobile app.

You should see the “Details“ page for the mobile app.

From there, you can test the mobile app directly from the web browser. If you’d like to test directly from your phone, you can go to the “Export“ page and export/download a copy of the app for your desired platform.

Step 3: Test Your Project

Now that you have a project, and you’ve explored the structure a bit, let’s run a quick test using the browser based device simulator. Enter your name into the input box and click “Say Hello From The Cloud“.

You should see results similar to those pictured below.

That’s it! You’ve successfully created and tested a Hello World app in FeedHenry.